Special Operations

It is important to remember that weather and wind conditions may change during the day. The Line Chief must maintain an awareness of conditions so that he can decide if a change should be made. This could be to:

  • change the active runway
  • change the circuit direction
  • limit the flying to certain classes of pilots, i.e no early solo pilots in strong or gusty wind conditions, or instructors and experienced pilots only.
  • stop flying altogether.

The information on flying conditions can be obtained from several sources:

  • Your own observations of any difficulties pilots may be having, e.g. inability to adequately handle the crosswind component.
  • Pilot or instructor reports.
  • The recording anemometer in the Flight Office
  • Observation of the weather, e.g. approaching thunderstorm.

The following guidelines are to be used:

Wind (or Gust Speed)
Cross-wind Component Restrictions
Any > 10 knots
Change runways
< 15 knots
< 10 knots
15-20 knots
< 10 knots
Solo students under instructor advisement
20-25 knots
< 10 knots
Experienced pilots only, restrict 1-26, 2-33 flying
> 30 knots
  No flying