Selecting Aircraft

Essentially, the selection of aircraft to be flown depends on who wants to do the flying. Members are encouraged to fly any aircraft they are qualified to fly. However, you don’t want to get out six 2-33’s if there are only 8 or 10 pilots to fly them. Unless a glider has to be moved out of the hanger to get at a glider that is to be flown, it is safer to leave gliders in the hanger until they are definitely needed. There is no harm in members waiting a little while, say 20 or 30 minutes, but if it may be longer, which could deter a member from flying, then by all means get another glider out.

On the other hand, from the point of view of “selling” a flight, it is much better to have a glider parked by the side of the runway where it can tempt a person to go for a flight than to have it in the hanger and out of sight. The word “selling” is used quite deliberately, because as Line Chief you should see your role as a salesman selling flights. Very often, just a few words to a member suggesting he take another flight might be all it takes to add one tow to the day’s tally – and that’s improving aircraft utilization and club income.

One thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter how many gliders are out of the hanger, any not on the flight line must be parked securely. This means with the wing down into wind with one, two or more tires on the wingtip, and the airbrakes open. Keep an eye on this because one careless parking job and one nasty gust of wind could mean big trouble. It would mean not only one badly damaged glider but possibly another as well as the first one ends up on top of the other. 

While it is expected that all aircraft are serviceable, they must be checked every day before being flown. The Daily Inspection books are kept in the Fight Shack and you must check to see that it has been D.I’d and signed for before you let it be rolled on to the flight line.

The serviceability of the aircraft is determined by the person doing the D.I, and not by the Line Chief. However, once a glider is deemed to be unserviceable make sure it is red tagged to indicate clearly to others that it is not to be flown.  The red tags can be obtained from the Office.