Closing Comments

When there is a lot of flying activity the job of Line Chief can be a busy one. Since the Flight Office/Stan's Cottage area is a focal point, there can some times be a lot of people gathered around wanting information on their flights, filling out flight cards, etc. Try to keep the area clear enough so that you have easy access to the flight cards and timekeeper and can maintain good communication.

While virtually every member and intro is cooperative there may come a time when someone challenges your decision on the flying order, their right to fly, or some other decision you have made. This is unlikely but it could happen. In such circumstances keep your cool and remember that the authority is yours. Don’t raise your voice or get into an argument; be firm; explain your position; and leave it at that.

As Line Chief you should remember that you have the authority to shut down the flying operation if you consider it unsafe in any way. Instructors have that authority as well but may be involved with other things and not see things that you observe. So don’t leave it to them and don’t be afraid to use that authority if you consider it necessary.