Human Factors

Human factors are about how we perceive the world and perform. As such they are almost equal parts
physiology and psychology. The complete pilot will go beyond simple medical facts and gain an
understanding of the strengths and limitations of humans in the flying environment. This is the foundation
of a long and safe career as a pilot.

What kind of animals are we? First we are warm blooded creatures, meaning that we try to regulate our
internal body temperature quite closely (37 degrees Celsius ). We have an internal structure made of
bone known as a skeleton and a fairly soft outer covering called our skin. We have a well developed
nervous system that has a central controlling part known as the brain and a distribution of this control
throughout the body via our nervous system. Where the control is most critical these nerves are protected
by our skull and a spine made of bones known as the vertebra. Hence we are part of a family of
animals known as the vertebrates. Further we are able to employ senses such as touch, smell, taste,
hearing, and sight, to live and move about on land. Like other animals we do our best to survive, which
requires that we grow, or replace worn out parts of our body, and at least some of us must reproduce.